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This Digital Repository is an institutional respository of IISER Pune which is responsible for collecting, organizing, preserving and providing access to, and promoting dissamination of the scholarly output of IISER Pune faculty, students, staff and others associated with the institute. This Digital Repository serves as a platform to IISER Pune community to share their research work with wider community.

Digital Repository accepts documents viz., journal articles, conference papers, dissertations, theses, presentations, reports, lecture notes and any other documents submitted as part of academic requirements at the institute and other forms of scholarly documents. Wherever possible and available, efforts will be made to provide an access to the full-text of the documents covered in the Digital Repository, without violating copyrights or rights of the author or publisher, as relevant to each work.

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  • Dar, M. Saleem; DHOLAKIA, BHUSHAN B.; Kulkarni, Abhijeet P.; Oak, Pranjali S.; Shanmugam, Dhanasekaran; Gupta, Vidya S.; Giri, Ashok P. (Springer Nature, 2021-02)
    Plants change their armory of specialized metabolism to adapt and survive in diverse ecosystems. This may occur through molecular evolutionary events, such as single nucleotide polymorphism, gene duplication and transposition, ...
  • Liu, Ying; NAG, ANGSHUMAN; Manna, Liberato; Xia, Zhiguo (Wiley, 2021-01)
    Lead‐free halide perovskites have drawn wide attention as alternatives to their toxic and poorly stable lead‐based counterparts. Among them, double perovskites with Cs2AgInCl6 composition, often doped with various elements, ...
  • Bose, R. S. C.; Sheoran, V.; Vaishnavi, P. S. H.; Prem, D. S.; CHAKRAVARTY, S.; Raman, R.; Babu, D. A.; Saharan, Pratibha; NAIR, SUNIL; Ram, J. (Elsevier B.V., 2021-04)
    High anisotropy in thermal conductivity (κ) coupled with anisotropy in Seebeck coefficient (S) has resulted in peak zT value of 0.85 at 150 °C in the textured Sb1.5Bi0.5Te3 nanomaterial in perpendicular to the preferential ...
  • KUSHWAHA, RINKU; HALDAR, SATTWICK; SHEKHAR, PRAGALBH; KRISHNAN, AKSHARA; Saha, Jayeeta; Hui, Pramiti; Vinod, Chathakudath Prabhakaran; Subramaniam, Chandramouli; VAIDHYANATHAN, RAMANATHAN (Wiley, 2021-02)
    Capacitors are the most practical high‐storage and rapid charge‐release devices. The number of ions stored per unit area and their interaction strength with the electrode dictates capacitor‐performance. Microporous materials ...
  • Neville, Matthew D. C.; Kohze, Robin; Erady, Chaitanya; MEENA, NARENDRA; Hayden, Matthew; Cooper, David N.; Mort, Matthew; PRABAKARAN, SUDHAKARAN (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2021-02)
    Recent evidence from proteomics and deep massively parallel sequencing studies have revealed that eukaryotic genomes contain substantial numbers of as-yet-uncharacterized open reading frames (ORFs). We define these ...

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